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Co-Sponsorship Discount

If you are the organizer of an official WCA sanctioned speedcubing event (event must be listed on www.speedcubing.com)
and would like to offer Cubesmith stickers as prizes or for sale at your tournament, we are now offering a special co-sponsorship discount. This offer is only valid on one purchase per event.

Please place the order normally, then send us an email to cubesmithorders@gmail.com with the transaction ID number (found in the details of the transaction in your Paypal account) and let us know which tournament you are associated with. We will then send you a 25% refund off of your total purchase price (not including the shipping fee).
*The name on the Paypal account used to make payment for the discounted order must be listed as an organizer on the event page on www.speedcubing.com. If the name on the account is not listed as an organizer, the
  discount will not be given.
*As of 10/01/10: The Co-Sponsorship discount is only available up to $150. This means that the refund given will not exceed $150, even if the order exceeds $600.
*As of 7/28/2014: Our standard shipping rates will apply to co-sponsorship orders.

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