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Fluorescent Tile Information

The ink used to print the fluorescent tiles is different than the ink used on our standard colors.
*Because of the type of ink used, care must be taken not to leave the fluorescent tiles in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as the color is likely to fade much more quickly than the standard colors.
**Another problem caused by this type of ink is that peeling a fluorescent tile off of the puzzle (during application, to line it up better; or lifting of the corners after regular wear) can cause the ink to be pulled from the Lexan it is printed on. Because of this, please be sure your fluorescent tiles are lined up where you want them before applying them to the puzzle.
Fluorescent colored tiles will likely not last quite as long as any of our other colors, but can still be expected to last about 6-8 months or longer with proper application and regular use.

Here is a comparison picture of the light orange, standard orange, and fluorescent orange tiles (left to right):

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