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Tiles are made from .010" thick Lexan and have rounded corners. The colors are printed on the reverse side and backed with adhesive.
To avoid confusion, smooth sets are packaged with red on top and textured sets with blue on top.
Frequently Asked Questions about tiles.

Due to manufacturing issues we have removed fluorescent orange tiles from our site. We are looking into a new method of production and hope to have them back up soon.

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Eastsheen 2x2x2

Fits Eastsheen and V-Cube 2x2x2.
*Each 2x2x2 tile measures
0.827 inches (2.1 cm)

3x3x3 Standard Size
Fits most 3x3x3 cube brands, including
 Rubik's and other 57mm cubes.
*Each 3x3x3 tile measures
0.625 inches (1.6 cm)

3x3x3 Small Size
Fits C4Y F-Type cubes, DaYan 1-6,
ShengShou, Fangshi, and other
54-57mm cubes.
*Each 3x3x3 small size tile measures
0.591 inches (1.5 cm)


Fits Rubik's, Eastsheen, ShengShou
and Mini Master Cubes
*Each 4x4x4 tile measures
0.50   inches (1.3 cm)


Fits Rubik's, Eastsheen, V-Cubes,
and Mini Professor Cubes

*Each 5x5x5 tile measures
0.415 inches (1.1 cm)

Each non-edge tile measures
.355 inches (0.9 cm)


Fits V-Cubes
Each non-edge tile measures
.31 inches (0.8 cm)

Helicopter Cube



Uncut Tile Material
Uncut 3 inch squares of tile material.
Use this to cut custom tiles for your puzzles.

Tile Logos
Need a replacement tile logo?
Buy singles here.

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