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Meffert's Puzzles and Games: The Worlds Leading Puzzle Source
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Meffert's Puzzles & Games: The Worlds Leading Puzzle Source

Meffert's offers free airmail shipping to any place in the world that has a post office.
You'll find a huge selection of puzzles, including new puzzles produced by Meffert's. Very reliable, highly recommended.

Speedsolving.com is a website focused on speed-solving puzzles, particularly the Rubik's cube and alike.
It is also a place to discuss the latest results of WCA competitions around the world.

All the latest news in the world of Speedcubing, including official and unofficial world records for speed solving most types of twisty puzzles.
TwistyPuzzles.com is no longer just the web's largest collection of twisty puzzles, it is now also the place where speedcubers, collectors, and builders from around the world gather to post their collections online, read articles, and exchange ideas in the forum.

The Lars Petrus Method
Popular alternative to the Fridrich method for speed solving. Excellent site with easy to follow java cubes. Very good method for use in fewest moves cube solving.

Jaap's Puzzle Page
This is the absolute best site on the web of puzzle solutions.

Bob Burton's cube page. Home of the current American Rubik's Magic speed solve record holder.
Great site with a lot of information, including algorithms, and a ton of videos.

Chris Hardwick's Page
Excellent site with a lot of info from one of the fastest cubers around.  Very good Rubik's Revenge solution.

Home page of Shotaro "Macky" Makisumi, the world's fastest cuber.  Lots of very good info here, including lots of algorithms, and information on blindfolded solving.

Stefan Pochmann's
Cube Corner

Great site by the current Megaminx Champ.  Very useful 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 algorithms as well as info on how to assemble/disassemble certain puzzles.

French site featuring the Ofapel Method for 3x3x3, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5, including videos.
Now offering solutions for many different puzzles at different levels of solving ability.
Now includes instructions for disassembly and reassembly of 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 V-Cubes.

Home of the CubeTwister software, as well as a large collection of virtual cubes, including Calendar, Maze, Shepherd's, Tartan, and many others.

Turbo Cube
Site offering cubes for sale.

Tampa Bay Cubers
Florida Speedcubing Group. You'll find an exclusive collection of  "Speedcubing Satchels" to hold your favorite Cubes and they are a  provider of "Cube Tables" for all your competition needs.

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